Why is SEO so important for your business

We all know that most businesses are serving their customers primarily online now. The value of Search Engine Optimization has increased over the last few years. It’s no secret that businesses must pay closer attention to their customers’ online experience and create content that is super relevant for their target audience.

In this post we will discuss why SEO is so important for your online success no matter what industry you are in, what the pros and cons are and why it’s something you should definitely implement in your marketing strategy.

The importance of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically a search engine machine like Google that determines which sites deserve to rank higher for each keyword entered into the search engine machine. You might think well that sounds easy but the truth is you might not be the only business trying to rank for the same keyword.

Today, more people use search engines to find products or services than any other marketing channel. According to data from Global Web Index via Datareportal. “81% of people searched online for a product or service to buy”. This is one of the reasons why SEO plays an important role in your business. Whether you are selling a product or service you should definitely make sure your business is visible online.

When you understand your ideal customer pain points, concerns and questions when it comes to the products or services you offer, you can create high valuable content that will most likely answer all the questions they have and offer them a solution. By doing this you will increase your chances of attracting more clicks and traffic to your site that can result in finding people who will likely become your customers. The reason being is because you were there at the right time providing solutions to their problems. Now let’s look at the pros and cons of SEO.

Pros and Cons of SEO

SEO Marketing Strategy:
Implementing SEO in your marketing strategy should be part of your business. You want to make sure people find your website and it’s even better when they come from organic search. When your website is present on the first page of Google for different keywords, your website will be exposed to many potential visitors. The best part is you don’t have to pay for these visitors and there is a high chance you might convert these visitors into potential customers. If you are trying to rank your business in Canada we recommend hiring a SEO expert like SEO by Rank By Focus Toronto

Final Thoughts

Now we have briefly discussed why SEO is important for your business, the pros and cons of SEO. Whether your business is new or old, large or small. It is no surprise that SEO is important for your website and online success. Even though SEO has its disadvantages, the time and money you invest in SEO will surely payoff in the long term no matter the industry or competition.

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