Why is SEO, also called search engine optimization, important?

SEO is about getting users online to find your website.
They usually use Google, Bing or another search engine. The words that they use to search for content with you must relate to - otherwise the users never find your particular website.
Content-based SEO (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) is about optimizing the pages of a website with the keywords that a website can best find with.
Search engine optimization thus improves your ranking in Google or other search engines.
When we talk about SEO, we operate with four basic optimization areas:

  1. Keyword Analysis
  2. Content & On-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is about optimizing the elements on your website that Google takes into their ranking of a given search result.
These elements can include titles / descriptions, H-tags (headings), the content itself, internal links and any image texts.
The production of quality content / texts in particular is crucial for the company's success with SEO in the long run - and where the company itself can really make a difference. So it is important to allocate resources to it - if the resources are not for that, we can also help here.
keyword Analysis
Here it is about finding the words that people are looking for in relation to one's business. Here you are often surprised at what words people use to find one online. No words are more important than others with us if it can lead to increased organic traffic for the customer.

Technical SEO

Another important feature of Google's ranking. Simply, if your website performs 100%, it will give the user the best experience. The experience is what Google emphasizes most - Google's motto is to show the user who searches their machine the best result.
Elements can be here:

• Redirects
• HTTP status codes
• Duplicate content
• PageSpeed & Load time
• Robots.txt

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