Pricing of SEO agencies

SEO prices can vary depending on a number of factors including pricing models, so it can be difficult to assess whether a SEO agency is offering you a competitive rate.

In the following we will explain the main pricing models with pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision and choose the best SEO agency for your business.

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Performance-based SEO

This pricing model is still relatively new and there aren’t many performance-based SEO options available to small business owners.

The main benefit of performance-based SEO pricing for clients is that the clients only pay if their rankings improve. This minimizes most of the risks for clients.

The cons of performance-based SEO agencies is that they won’t be willing to invest in keywords that are too competitive. Also, since rankings fluctuate daily, clients face the risk of a variable monthly pay rate, as it is nearly impossible to predict what the rankings will be each month.

Performance-based SEO agencies are ideal for smaller local businesses that cannot afford to invest in a retainer, or for eCommerce store owners who need more flexibility to target specific products and product categories for better organic visibility.

Monthly SEO

Most companies choose this option when they need to outsource SEO completely. For many businesses, this is one of the best ways to see meaningful results through search engine optimization.

A monthly SEO retainer allows you to outsource your SEO and not have to think about it. The risk however is that some agencies may include features or services in their contracts that aren’t necessary for your business; yet, if they’re included, you’ll be stuck paying for them every month. Another catch is that monthly retainer contracts are usually binding for at least six months, so it can be difficult to switch to a different agency if you’re not happy with the results.

This SEO pricing model is ideal if you are a big company committed to investing in SEO long-term, and you want to completely outsource all aspects of your online marketing campaigns.

Project-based SEO

Project-based SEO services are the most popular pricing model among SEO companies. Despite it being relatively popular, there’s a huge range of potential prices that can vary based on your needs.

The main benefit of project-based pricing is that you’ll likely agree on a contract that describes exactly what you’ll get and when it will be delivered. However, you have to make sure you don’t get overcharged, especially if you need to change some due dates in the contract, as this may result in additional fees.

If you have a clear idea of your SEO requirements and only need specific and temporary help, you may consider project-based pricing, especially if you already have in-house SEO specialists.

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Hourly SEO

While an hourly SEO service may seem like a worthwhile investment, it also comes with some cons to consider. For example, if SEO projects take longer than expected (which can happen quite often), you can end up paying way more than expected. Furthermore, it usually takes at least 6 months to see improvements in rankings, so keep that in mind if you need a long-term SEO plan.

Hourly SEO rates are usually between $75 and $150. Avoid suspiciously cheap options as they might employ black-hat techniques that could cost you a Google penalty and damage your website’s reputation.

Hybrid Model: in-house expert, external contractors and an SEO agency

A hybrid model may be a good choice as it guarantees the greatest amount of flexibility for you. With a hybrid model you can rely on different providers for the services you need.

For example, you might use an agency for some basic services and consulting, but at the same time rely on a freelancer to handle your ongoing content strategy. You might have an in-house SEO expert to handle the majority of your responsibilities, but outsource some of the difficult tasks like link building.

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SEO is a very creative field and there are many strategies to ensure your business’ success. Set a firm budget and make informed decisions while investing your money to get the best possible results.

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