Modern Linkbuilding Strategies

Are you ready to start your linkbuilding? If you’ve been working on building up your blog and now you’re ready to start branching out it’s definitely time to consider them. After all, linkbuilding is the way you can increase your following and make sure that you get your message out. But what are the best ways you could be building yourself up?

Use YouTube

It’s not just about reaching out to other people to post your links anymore. It’s also about you posting your links in completely different places. One of those places is YouTube. If you create your own videos and post your own links and information on your channel you’re keeping control and increasing results.

Find an Influencer

Have some awesome fans that really love your products? If you do then you should talk to them. If they have a big social media following they could easily become an influencer for your brand. All they have to do is talk about it to people and you could get more attention and more customers.

Link Internally

You don’t have to have links outside of your webpage (although it’s a good idea if you do). You can have links from one of your posts to another. This promotes people jumping from one page to the next (which keeps them on your site) and it looks good for search engines.

Reach Out

When you reach out to bloggers and people who are writing in a similar niche to you and your products or services it’s going to help you get more influence. See if they’ll write about you or if they’ll share a link back to you. You may even want to write the content yourself to really make it easy for them.

Know Your Mentions

There’s actually software out there that lets you know when people are mentioning your product but not linking to it. You definitely want to know when that happens so you can encourage them to add the link in and tell their friends about you.

Use Your Tools

The right tools are going to make it really easy for you to find the right people to connect with and it’s easier than you might think. will give you everything you need to personalize your emails, make trades and manage whatever projects you’re currently working on.

When you’re ready to start your linkbuilding process, you want to make sure you know how it’s done, and that you get it done easier than ever.

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