Lucidworks’ new feature promises enhanced internal site search customization

Enterprise search technology company Lucidworks announced Predictive Merchandiser, a feature for its Fusion 5.0 site search platform Wednesday. Product Merchandiser is designed to enable e-commerce brands to optimize internal site search relevancy, manage rules and analyze results from a dashboard, which may expedite processes and circumvent the need to enlist help from your IT team.

Fusion 5-Predictive Merchandiser-Search Rewrites

The “search rewrites” feature within Product Merchandiser.

“E-commerce retailers are being forced to differentiate from Amazon and other competitors on experience and service, and the cost of experimentation is incredibly high,” explained Will Hayes, CEO of Lucidworks. “With Predictive Merchandiser, we’re freeing customers from the repetitive grunt work of having IT maintain business rules to let merchandisers focus their creativity on improving conversions, increasing revenue, and delighting shoppers.”

Why we should care

With the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching, being able to boost or hide particular items in internal search results may help you prioritize and promote certain products. Being able to rewrite searches to correct for misspellings or other anomalies may help you remediate underperforming queries and guide your customers to what they were looking for. And, real-time search data can help you quickly identify errors that need to be fixed or patterns to account for in your marketing strategy.

More on the announcement

  • Lucidworks claims that Predictive Merchandiser will enable retailers to perform search analysis and rewrites as well as manually tune results.
  • The rule manager allows retailers to apply rules to pin, boost, bury, block and hide specific products for a search term or category page.
  • The product includes an analytics dashboard that presents real-time data such as top search terms, top clicked products, trending searches, top null searches, etc.
  • Predictive Merchandiser will also present a “product relevancy” score — a metric for individual products based on signals from add-to-cart, clicks and purchases.

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