A Guide to Promoting Your Brand Online

One of the most important elements for the success of any artist today is popularity on YouTube and other social media platforms.

However, you have to do a lot more than simply creating amazing music videos to realize its full potential. It is pointless to produce music videos than nobody ends up watching. If nobody is interested in seeing your videos and sharing them, then it means that they are basically worthless. It is thus important to come up with advertisements and promotions for boosting the visibility of your videos online.

Below you will find 5 important things you need to do to promote and boost your music video to achieve exceptional results.

1. Publish Your Videos Natively

Great video content should be shared and the best way to make this possible is ensuring that it is hosted online. The first step is to identify the right platform from the most popular ones around such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Vimeo.

YouTube is by far the largest of these options. It is also the second largest search engine on the planet, which means that it offers more opportunities for reaching your target audience.

Still, it is not enough simply to host videos online. It is also important to determine how they perform so that you can decide your next steps. You can choose to either run paid ads behind your high performing videos or cross promote.

Now, here is where promoting your music videos comes into play. To ensure viewership of your videos, you should consider frugally advertising on social media with targeted audiences and regulated budgets.

2. Optimizing Your Videos

People do not have a lot of patience and time when they search online, which is why you need to strike them at a glance, convince them to click and watch your video then and there.

The first step here is to optimize your videos for different social media platforms. Keep in mind that people usually watch videos on mobile devices, so try experimenting with mobile formats such as vertical or square videos.

3. Using Promotional Services and Tools

If you want your video content to reach more people, you need to take advantage of social media and YouTube video promotion. People are increasingly hanging around social media platforms almost daily.  It means that you can easily reach more people if you make use of social media ads.

You can leverage your advertising by targeting the audience based on numerous factors – for example buy soundcloud plays and soundcloud followers. If you do that, you will gain access to a more specific group of fans that may benefit from watching your video content.

It is important to ensure that your videos touch the heart and soul of your fans. This way, you can create deep and memorable engagement with them, which will in turn result in a higher response rate by getting more comments, shares, and likes.

The higher the number of people that watch your music video, the higher your chances of converting them into fans.

4. Optimize Your Videos for the Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works. It has actually helped numerous companies boost and grow their businesses online and yours is no different.

SEO is not just about understanding what potential customers are searching for but also making sure that content is linkable and shareable.

If you know exactly what your prospects are searching for, you can create online content that’s engaging and highly relevant as well as a greater chance to gain more shares, likes, and love.

5. Sharing Your Videos in Niche Communities

One of the most effective ways to promote your videos is to target online music communities, particularly those in the same niche as your music.

You can use various tools to learn more about the target audience. However, you can always begin with a general Google search. After that, you can get more specific by using social media.

Whether it is via a Facebook group, LinkedIn group, or any other popular online community, it is possible to actively participate in discussions or conversations while sharing your videos when relevant.

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