5 Benefits of Utilizing Virtual Receptionists

5 Benefits of Utilizing Virtual Receptionists

Often, when a customer contacts a business, they deal with customer service first. But many small businesses cannot afford full time reception staff as they grow, although the services are needed. Virtual reception staff can provide the solution to this issue. This cost-effective solution helps start-ups and small business owners enjoy the benefits of excellent customer service, even on a tight budget.

Here are a few of the key benefits a company sees immediately after beginning to use a virtual switchboard for their small business:

They are Cost Efficient

Instead of paying a full-time receptionist to answer calls, you can utilize a virtual receptionist, even if you are operating on a small budget. Why bother to employ another staff member when you could use the money for additional areas of business? Contact AnswerFirst to find out more about their virtual assistant service. Even during high traffic hours, a virtual receptionist can handle the calls, so that every customer gets the dedicated time that they need, without missing calls or placing customers on hold.

Calls Answered Reliably During Business Hours

When you use a virtual receptionist, you don’t have to worry about staff needing time off due to illness or taking holidays off. Your phone line will always be answered when you are open if you use a call center. The virtual receptionist can be carefully trained to answer your calls just the way you need them to, so that customers always get the smooth customer service experience that they expect from your business. High quality customer service can help you increase sales, as well as providing you with a competitive edge over other businesses in your field — exactly what a start-up or a small business owner needs to get ahead.

Increased Productivity

Instead of needing to be at your desk for the entire day answering the phone every time it rings, a virtual receptionist can manage all of your incoming calls and appointments, making sure that you can focus on your work and experience increased productivity in all other areas of your business, as well.

Maintain Your Professional Image

Your company has the best image possible when your phone calls are handled in a timely, professional manner. A virtual assistant will greet every customer when they call, then transfer them to the person that can best handle their needs, or take a message, whichever they prefer. It usually only takes one issue of poor customer service for a customer to quit doing business with a customer. With a virtual receptionist, you’ll never need to worry about losing parts of your customer base over not being able to answer the phone.

No Need to Train Reception Staff

Finding a great receptionist for your business may take a lot of effort, time, and expense. You’ll have to go through the process of listing a job and then interviewing the candidates, selecting one, and hiring them. Then, you’ll still have to train them and purchase the additional resources that they will need.

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